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Turnkey Security and Surveillance System Design, Integration and Implementation

Resource Innovations world-class networking solutions integrate security and surveillance components across a common digital communication infrastructure. As the nation raises security awareness to unprecedented levels, both new and existing technologies find their place in airports, shopping malls, office buildings, hospitals, subways and more. Integrating these systems to provide the necessary real-time communication, command and control response carries with it its own set of complexities. Our network integrated ‘system of systems’ security solutions provide a robust network-based IT infrastructure that integrates legacy systems with new technologies and display systems for a more manageable, cost-efficient security and surveillance capability. We begin with a consultation that addresses a thorough and comprehensive internal-external ‘threat analysis’ and ‘vulnerability assessment’ with a ‘best practices’ solutions approach to safeguarding the integrity and confidentiality of our client’s assets.

The value proposition we offer our clients is unique, just as the needs of the client are unique unto themselves. Rather than a textbook, “one fits all” approach, Resource Innovations delivers a tailored solution that best fits the need dynamics. We work with the client to understand the need, desired outcome and then map a detailed set of plans and actions that will meet those requirements in a most expeditious and cost-effective manner.

Resource Innovations has recruited an impressive team of professionals with legal and legislative, technological, and business P/L savvy. As a trusted consultative adviser we take a partnership approach in addressing our customer’s issues and winning their confidence, one client at a time.