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Communication Command & Control Solution

The need for real-time communication/command & control in the world today is essential for situation awareness, situation understanding and mission response. Critical incident planning and preparedness in today geo-political world necessitates the establishment of a Common Operating Picture (COP) which transforms stand-alone communication and command structures at local, state and even federal levels into a tightly integrated ‘system of systems’ functionality. Responding to any crisis situation, on or off our shores, requires fast and accurate information delivery, simultaneous with the planned coordination of supplies, operational resources, and first responder organizations, and finally the communication and control infrastructure to make it all possible. The result is a well-managed control structure establishing a chain of command with the clear authority and empowerment to act in the public interest.

Resource Innovations works in conjunction with local, state and federal authorities to marry all aspects of the budgeting, planning and requirements process together with its technological know-how to deliver end-to-end integrated Command and Control solutions to meet mission-critical government, military and commercial need statements.

Resource Innovations is a leading provider of software and systems engineering/integration expertise and key enabling tools and technologies in support of crucial distributed simulation programs for DoD, including the development of complex integrated synthetic environments that span the Live, Virtual, and Constructive (LVC) domains. We apply advanced technology to challenges in the distributed simulation, enterprise systems, defense acquisition, and Command and Control systems arenas, solving real-world, mission-critical problems for our defense-based customers.

The empowerment of state-of-the-art Command-Control operations enlists the aid of various ‘Visualization Tools.’ Resource Innovations provides the latest 3D geospatial imaging displays to meet any need including ‘Mission-Planning and Support, Situation Awareness for Disaster Relief, Training, and many other applications.